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This is an excerpt from my new book Live Like an Athlete available on Amazon beginning July 21st. Please pick up a copy and don’t forget to write a review!


Live Like An Athlete


If you want to reach your full potential, learn to live like an athlete!

There is usually a gap that exists between where we are and where we want to be. Closing this gap depends on executing a few key habits based on the way athletes live out every day of their lives.

The daily life of an athlete is 100% optimized for performance. They don’t eat, think or do anything that doesn’t support the outcomes they have chosen for themselves. Athletes live in such a way that allows them to achieve peak mental focus and physical performance.  They live their lives by design, not by accident. We can model this discipline to achieve more of the outcomes we want in our own lives

To truly live like an athlete, and experience the life-changing results of this shift in mindset you need to do these seven things: 

1. Belive in a Greater Outcome

Athletes are not content with what is or “the way things have always been.” They routinely raise the bar and set higher standards.  When Roger Bannister set the goal of beating the four minute mile he also threw open the door for a whole new generation of athletes to believe and achieve more.

2. Have A Definite Goal

True athletes know exactly what they are aiming for. They have a precise goal or benchmark and they work diligently toward achieving it. In order to achieve at the highest level you also need the driving force of a major goal in your life. You need to find a greater purpose behind what you are doing. In fact, I always teach that this is the starting point of success. When you Identify Your Why it will automatically drive your performance in the other key areas of your life.

3. Make a Structured Plan

Athletes don’t stop with what they are aiming for; they also know exactly how they plan to achieve it. In the same way, you need to formulate a plan on how to achieve your most important goals. You can always refine your plan as you go, but it is essential to have a starting point. As self-development author Anthony Robbins suggests, if you are in doubt, you can always emulate the success of others.

4. Build Powerful Routines

Once you have firmly established your plan, you should develop daily, weekly, and monthly routines. Athletes have their customized training and nutrition regimens. You should also identify the core habits that will propel you all the way to your goals.

5. Harness Your Inner Discipline

Athletes are masters of discipline. They routinely implement certain behaviors whether they feel like it or not. In the same way, you need to develop the key skill of discipline in your own routines. Discipline will compel you do what you need to do, day in and day out. Whether or not you “feel like it” becomes secondary to following the process in pursuit of the end goal.

6. Find a Coach or Mentor

Ultimately, an athlete needs a coach in order to reach his or her greatest potential. The athlete knows the coach will help him or her to understand what needs to be done and to get back on track when necessary. If progress stalls, the coach devisises a new plan to keep the athlete moving ahead.

A coach or mentor will help you reach your goals in record time. It may be difficult to find a mentor that you can meet with regularly in person, but you can learn the top skills from virtually any mentor by reading their books and watching or listening to their interviews and advice. By understanding their thought process you will personalize their tips to your situation.

7. Develop Others

Just like an athlete needs teammates, you also need a support system. These are people who will give you the extra fire and determination to keep going in difficult times. Teammates  are people who believe in you absolutely. Having supporters can make the  difference between merely attempting something and actually succeeding.

Apply these tips today to maximize your results and reach your full potential.

Any thoughts? Feel free to share them in the comments below.