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4 Keys to Ultimate Sustainable Health

In this episode I give my best advice on the long-term, sustainable approach to building a better body and dynamic health!



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The Holistic Approach with Dr. Colter EP#120

This week Dr. Colter returns to the show to share his insight on what it takes to achieve true health and wellness. I also announced the winners of the RSP Nutrition contest. Here’s an article from Dr. Colter’s blog that explains why a total lifestyle approach is essential to success.

Who doesn’t believe the ANSWER to weight loss , is PRIMARILY found in FOOD. Although this seems to make common sense, in reality, it is a MAJOR MISTAKE! Let me prove this with a simple analogy. If a person wanted to get an “A” in HISTORY or MATH (as a FINAL AVERAGE GRADE,) would: abstaining from […]


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Melissa McCourey RSP Nutrition Interview EP#119

Today’s guest, Melissa McCoury is a NASM certified trainer, figure and bikini competitor and all-around expert on anything pertaining to performance nutrition. She answers some questions about intermittent fasting and how to use a cyclical ketogenic approach to accelerate your results. Follow @fitfirstlady_rsp on Instagram now for a daily dose of inspiration!

We’re partnering with RSP Nutrition to give away 2 bottles of Quadralean and 2 bottles of RSP L-Carnitine to 4 lucky winners. Winner will be announced next Friday 8/4 on the podcast and on my Instagram account. Melissa and I will judge the best answer to the question “What else could RSP stand for?” Be creative, be funny but keep it clean. (😊 Remember the game you used to play with letters on license plates while traveling on the highway?) Most creative answers win!


Weight Training 101


Most people think weight training is only useful if you’re trying to “get big” or “bulk up”. The idea that weight training can also be helpful for getting lean and improving general health is one that is still catching on.

Here are the facts: Your body composition (the amount of lean tissue you have relative to your overall body weight) is the main determining factor in how you look and even in the level of health and fitness you are able to attain. Muscle tissue is highly active metabolically speaking. It requires more energy to maintain and thus creates an increase in your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). That’s the rate at which your body burns calories, even at rest.

Fat (or adipose tissue)  on the other hand, is basically an inert substance. Think of it as a storage reservoir of energy. Your body won’t tap into that stored energy unless it becomes necessary. While you can create a calorie deficit by eating less and moving around more (ie. cardio) weight training is a much more efficient method since the activity itself uses more energy and the resulting increase in muscle tissue creates an even greater demand for energy.

So, now that you know why building muscle is important, it’s time to learn exactly how to do it. The basic premise behind progressive resistance training is very simple:

“In order to increase the size and strength of your muscles, you must continually apply resistance against a demand that exceeds your current limitations.”

You probably know that training your entire body is better than just training isolated body parts. You probably know that it’s important to give equal attention to pushing and pulling movements to ensure balanced development. You probably know that you should train your upper and lower body. There is no shortage of online workouts and thousands of books have been written on the subject.  What you may not know is that in order to improve, you must continually strive to exceed your current level of development.

In the gym, this means continually adding more weights, completing more repetitions, or both.

I don’t want to overwhelm you with too much physiology but there are two main types of muscle fibers:

  • Type I Muscle Fiber. Also known as slow twitch fibers, type I muscle fibers use oxygen more efficiently and can be used over longer periods of time ( think endurance). These are our smaller, least powerful muscle fibers that have little potential for hypertrophy.
  • Type II Muscle Fiber. This is the fast twitch type of muscle fiber that can burn energy quickly for short bursts of strength. These are our larger, more powerful muscle fibers that have a great potential for hypertrophy or growth.                                   (Source: International Sports Sciences Association )

So, the muscles that have the greatest potential for increase are composed of fibers that respond to heavier weights and a relatively lower number of repetitions (4-8). “Feeling the burn” by pushing for more and more repetitions is fine to warm up, to thoroughly tax a muscle or to induce a “pump” but it’s not optimal for increasing size or strength.

I created an outline of the exact workout technique I use. It’s called “pyramiding”. Basically, it involves starting with a lighter weight at higher repetitions (13-16) and adding weight on each set while reducing the number of repetitions on each successive set. If you would like to check it out, just contact me here and I’ll send you a copy.

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Best Supplements for Burning Fat and Building Muscle



Provided your training and nutrition are in check, supplements can help you gain an advantage and take your physique to the next level. Here’s a quick list of the ones I take and recommend. I wish to stress that nutritional supplements are not a replacement for a workout program or attention to detail with diet, they merely complement these components of an overall program.


Protein:  (Post-training / Daily)  

  • Involved in every physiological process in the body.
  • Provides raw material for muscle growth and aids in recovery following intense training.
  • Helps with a feeling of fullness
  •  Requires more energy to process than carbohydrates or fat.
  •  Consuming six meals of whole food per day can get expensive, time-consuming or impractical.
  • Provides an alternative to sweets or processed junk foods  300

 Energy & Metabolism multivitamin/vitapak with fish oil: (Pre-training / Daily)       

  • Provides all essential micronutrients to protect against cell damage and aid in repair and recovery.
  • Contains key ingredients to speed up metabolism and increase calorie burning while decreasing appetite.
  • Fish oil helps reduce inflammation, ease joint pain and improve circulation.


Creatine / Creatine Nitrate NO3 (Pre-Training / Daily)

  • Creatine enhances muscle strength and improves recovery time between sets.
  • Nitric Oxide acts as a vasodilator, relaxing blood vessel walls creating better blood flow and circulation.



Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s) Pre or Post-Training

  • Triggers muscle protein synthesis in response to training.
  • Provides electrolytes which are depleted during intense workouts.
  • Aids in recovery.
  • Can prevent muscle tissue breakdown during training if consumed before a workout.  

White Fine Powder Substance same as Drug or Poison                                 


  • Most Abundant Amino acid in the body
  • Prevents muscle tissue breakdown and muscle-wasting (especially at night).
  • Rebuilds muscle tissue and aids in immune function.


Testosterone Booster (Men)

  • Increases muscle building environment in the body.
  • Provides strength, energy, and mood support.
  • Key hormone involved in fat loss and muscle gain.
  • Added benefit of increasing sex drive




  • Prevents bloating, cramping and gas.
  • Breaks down food and improves absorption of nutrients.
  • Plays a key role in immune function.

   This list is by no means exhaustive and I don’t want to give the impression that I take every single one of these products each day. Every individual is different and needs to take the time to research the ingredients to develop a program that works for him or her. If you need some solid recommendations on nutrition, training, mindset or supplementation, don’t hesitate to email me or comment below: